A Year of Days – A book about recovery from addiction.

Greetings! The book, A Year of Days, is the result of many years of working with others in recovery. A book about recovery from addiction, it began as a series of basic text messages within a small group of people here in the Northwest. The book offers a daily post, a thought or meditation, that is based on personal experience about common topics and themes of 12-step recovery drawn from my experience as an alcoholic and addict who has been in recovery for many years. I also enjoy posting on the website blog which I do every now and then when a particular topic, daily post, or theme comes to mind.

My name is William Flynn and I have been writing the daily thoughts and ideas about my life in recovery for several years now. In 2016 I started a Facebook page that has become quite popular. Each day a new post from the book is available to anyone who wants to check them out and there is of course the ability to comment, share, discuss and react. It’s been a wonderful gift to see these messaged shared all over the world in many languages.

Many people have also requested the writings in printed format and so I am pleased to announce that the book is available on Amazon in both print and electronic versions.

I also offer a signed edition of the book that is available $9.99 plus shipping.  These take a few days longer to arrive than Amazon but you do have the chance to request a personal inscription if you like. It’s been very rewarding to write a personal note to people who are receiving the book as a gift. You can place your order here and usually within 4 – 6 days you’ll have your signed copy.

I am so grateful and appreciative of all the support for this project–it has been amazing and heartwarming to know that my words are helpful to others and to see a growing community of similar people in recovery gather and share their own experience, strength and hope.  I welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use the Contact page or email to get in touch anytime. You can also connect with me via Facebook. and follow me on Twitter.

I was interviewed by the folks from one of the larger recovery websites, “TheFix.com” which was a lot of fun. Check out the story here!

Recovery is Delicious.

The past years have unfolded to create a new world for me that was unimaginable when the journey began. Each day brings a chance for me to sit beside a wellspring of gratitude and thankfulness that offers a profound sense of spiritual connection and serenity.

I hope you enjoy my writing and that some benefit might arrive for you as a result.

With love from the path of recovery,

William Flynn