I continue to be amazed at the response to A Year of Days.

Everyday I receive many messages and comments that show me the tremendous value and miracle that is the process of recovery. You can read these incredible testimonies and shares on the Facebook page and if you’d like to have your own comments added to this page please message me.

Recovery comes in many forms and has been something I have been blessed to experience in my life. Reading A Year of Days has become my morning go to….. I have shared the writings with friends and family recovering from substance abuse, fear, relationships, death, as well as many more of life’s trials. The writer has an uncanny ability to touch on things at such a great depth that I myself feel a sense of clarity upon reading. Both male and females I have shared the page with have expressed an ability to see the root cause of their behaviors after relating to the writings. I am glad I stumbled upon the page.   ~ Samantha

What’s not to like when the spirit is stretched to reach a higher power Thanks ~ Mike

I look forward to these EVERYDAY!!!!!! Thank you so much! ~ Catherine

Yes this is exactly how I feel!!! Good stuff ~ Crystal

At times your depth of thought amazes me keep going buddy ~ Rick

I love reading your posts! I just made it to 6 months clean after 30 years of addiction ~ Aimee

Hit the nail on the head! Wasn’t a sentence I couldn’t relate to. ~ Christopher

I hope you are going to make this” year” into a book.I think it would be very popular.Your writings are very inspirational. God bless you, and keep on writing, you have a natural talent to share! ~ Karen

Beautifully written. ~ Bonnie

So true, and so beautifully written ~ Sally

Oh my gosh. This is exactly me. Except i have been clean and saved for almost 4 yrs. Now. Just now wanting to deal with or even admit my own humanness. Thank you for sharing. I believe this was meant for me to see ~ Morgana

Thank you for sharing, look for your post each day, helps me see things have to work on and things I have made progress on… ~ Leona

Thanks man that’s some good insight into the spirit heart and compassion. ~ Jacob

Amen there is a lot of truth in these statements that pertains to me and helps me understand myself better, thank you ~ Ian