Living Life Fully in Recovery

February 28 – an excerpt from the book A Year of Days

The program of recovery has opened many new doors for me. My life is much fuller and I participate in more activities, both new and old, that demonstrate to me that I am really living life today. Before, life was living me and it was a constant battle as I fought my way along a narrow and dark canyon of harsh and lonely addiction. Being able to come up and out of that trap of despair and into the real world is exciting and rewarding. It can also be very difficult and painful at times but I understand today that this is a part of the process of life.

I don’t run and hide from life’s difficulties—instead I stand and face them with the help of my Higher Power and other people.

The ability to explore my place in the world and to participate in it stems from the self-discovery and strength that recovery has given me. Having honesty, integrity, and faith gives me confidence and purpose and a sense of value and worth that ultimately allows me to accept my eligibility for all that human life offers. Because of my choices today I am no longer cut off by a feeling of not being good enough. My understanding of myself, who I can be, and what my life can become, has grown, changed, and continues to evolve.

There will be many more choices in life for me as I continue my own spiritual growth.

As an addict I always wanted more of something that could never be attained. Today, the steps continue to show me how to live in a way that brings me more of the wide range of life’s possibilities, opportunities and rewards. I no longer fear or feel unworthy of taking my place in life and redeem my eligibility for the options and choices in front of me today.


2 thoughts on “Living Life Fully in Recovery”

  1. Thank you, I continue to fail miserably , but hope sum day it’ll get better !!! This to shall pass, lol ,when ???

    1. How are you failing? It seems to me just by admitting you feel your failing, is a huge sign of recognition, to which we never did when we were out there. This too shall pass means you’re really listening ENOUGH to quote it. You said HOPE, which is something most of us never even thought possible, that there was hope for you, me, us! WHEN??? When you finally get tired of living the way you have been but know you have to see what happens when you let go and let God (as you understand him). I am spiritual not religious, was very skeptical but I’m going on 4+years of sobriety. Stayed sober web I found out my teenage was going to be a father, when my step twin brother died indirectly from this disease at the age of 39 leaving behind 5 children, when u lost two best friends months apart from cancer and complications from Diabetes… One was 44 and the other 37 and every year the Anniversary of losing my cousin who was more like a sister dying at the age 34 from this disease leaving behind 4 children. Dealing every single day with chronic pain from a car accident that brought out Fibromyalgia,a disease, syndrome or whatever they prefer to call it, I chose living hell but my worst flare where no amount of medicating breaks through the pain is how I figured out it really works if you work it!!!

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