If Not Today, Then When? – Today is where my recovery is always found.

There are some things in life that move only in one direction or the other, where there is no middle ground or resting point. Either I am taking good care of my health or I am becoming less healthy. Either I am becoming more honest or I am continuing to justify being dishonest.

It is also like this with my spiritual condition.

I must take action each day in my efforts to be a spiritual man. I often think of paddling a canoe up river. As long as I keep paddling I continue to make progress but if I stop then the river slowly brings me back the way I came. While of course there are days when I am very busy pursuing my interests and activities—living the life that I have been granted—I am still very conscious of how spirituality undergirds it all.

My recovery is not a separate activity that I perform in the morning like the dishes and then move onto the rest of the day.

It is part of all my day, evident in my thinking, words, and actions—in how I show up in the lives of others. It is found in the actions of my daily living rather than the stories I tell myself or others. For me today, putting my recovery first in life has become simply living my life spiritually. It cannot be separated or parsed out of my living and requires taking regular meaningful action to keep it active and vibrant. It is part of the daily behavior of my living. Sometimes I behave better than other days but it is always present in some form because I can no longer leave it behind.

If my living of life is truly comprised only of today, then today is the day I must live well—If not today, then when?

(An excerpt from the book A Year of Days – 12/20)



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